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RK PrintCoat Instruments Ltd.

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RK PrintCoat Instruments Ltd.
Hall 3 / A34  Show location in hall

Litlington Abington Road
SG8 0QZ Royston, Herts.
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Phone: +44 1763 852187

Company Profile


RK Print was founded in the early 1960’s; a family run business with over 60 years’ experience in the surface coating industry. Designed and manufactured in the UK, RK equipment has one common theme, the production of repeatable samples; to be used for the purposes of research and development, quality control.


Products range from the simple and inexpensive K Hand Coater to the innovative FlexiProof 100/UV (LED UV also available) for realistic printability testing on all types of flexo substrates.


Well known for the K Printing Proofer, increasing demand saw the development of a reel to reel machine enabling more realistic printability in R&D trials for gravure & flexo inks and substrates. Design of RK’s Rotary Koater (ROKO) began during the mid to late 1970’s and the first machine was delivered soon after. 


Building on their developed knowledge and experience of web handling, together with ongoing advances in application techniques, RK invested in the design of a more sophisticated machine. The Versatile Converting Machine (VCM) is bespoke in design and is optimised to the specific requirements of each process.  Since 2004, VCM equipment has been installed at many locations worldwide, involved in the development of high-tech coatings such as printed/plastic electronics, e.g. VTT, Finland.


For further information, please visit our website www.rkprint.com

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Number of employees 20-49
Export content > 75%

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Product Information
  01.15.010  Proofing machines (all printing methods)
  01.15.035  Printing machines for printed electronics
  01.15.080  Laboratory printing machines
  04.07  Research and development

A precision manually operated instrument for producing realistic, high quality flexographic proofs. Applications include colour proofing for both customer approval and spectrophotometer colour analysis readings. Use of a doctor blade enables the proofing of all flexo inks, including high viscosity, UV curing. Both steel and ceramic anilox rollers are easily interchangeable. Spring loaded pressure control for ease of use and repeatability.

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FlexiProof 100 & FlexiProof 100/UV

The RK FlexiProof 100 offers a high speed, operator-friendly machine for the production of proofs using water, solvent or UV Flexographic inks. It is an essential tool for all those involved in the manufacture and use of flexo inks. Ideal for quality control testing to ensure consistency of performance of inks and substrates over time, presentation samples, printability
of substrates, R&D including product and commercial viability, and computer colour matching data.
The FlexiProof 100 eliminates the need to use a production line printing press for pilot runs, as the machine is a scaled down but exact version of a full sized flexo press.

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GP100 - High Speed Gravure Proofer

High quality proofs using gravure inks of press viscosity are produced instantly using the new GP100. Featuring a
microprocessor controlled servo drive and pneumatic operation, electronically engraved printing plates and variable printing
speeds of 1 to 100m/min, this is an essential tool for all those involved in the manufacturing or use of liquid inks. Ideal for
R&D and computer colour matching data, quality control and presentation samples, the GP100 is very easy to clean.

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K Printing Proofer

High quality proofs using gravure, gravure-offset or flexo inks are produced instantly using the K Printing Proofer. Featuring electronically engraved printing plates and variable printing speeds of up to 40m/min, this is an essential tool for all those involved in the manufacturing or use of liquid inks. Ideal for R & D and computer colour matching data, quality control and presentation samples. The K Printing Proofer is very easy to clean and all parts are solvent resistant.

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VCML Lab/Pilot coater

The VCML is designed to print, coat and laminate all types of flexible webs such as papers, films, and metallic foils on a reel-to-reel basis. With the ability to apply various coatings such as inks, paints, varnishes, adhesives both solvent and water based, by various application methods, this makes the VCML particularly useful for product development, quality control and small scale production for low volume of a specialised product.

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  06.05.030  Colour systems and colour charts
K Hand Coater

The K Hand Coater provides a simple but effective means of applying paints, printing inks, lacquers, adhesives and other surface coatings onto many substrates including paper, board, plastic films, foils, metal plates, glass plates, wood etc. Two or more coatings can be applied side-by-side in a single operation making the system ideal for comparing products.

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