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STOMA GmbH Maschinen und Geräte für die grafische Industrie

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STOMA GmbH Maschinen und Geräte für die grafische Industrie
Hall 3 / A18  Show location in hall

Lindenstr. 121
53721 Siegburg

Phone: +49 2241 51073
Fax: +49 2241 51226

Product Information
  01.05.030  Bending machines for printing plates and plate punching equipment
  01.05.035  Processing systems (film & printing plate)
  01.05.115  Etching devices for gravure printing
  03.01.325  Embossing machines
  03.01.335  Hot foil stamping machines
  03.01.345  Engraving machines for embossing plates
  03.01.500  Coating machines
  03.02.280  Embossing form manufacturing
  03.02.290  Machines for the production of die-cutting formes
  03.03.045  Label cutting machines
  03.03.050  Label die-cutting machines
  04.07  Research and development
  05.04.055  Hot stamping foils, stamping foils
  05.07.010  Chemicals and products for prepress production phases
  05.07.035  Dampening solutions and additives
  05.08.015  Formes for letterpress printing
  06.01.130  Coating devices
  06.19.045  Exhaust air purification systems
  06.19.070  Waste water treatment plants
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