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Apex Europe BV

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Apex Europe BV
Hall 11 / A40  Show location in hall

Metaalweg 8
5527 AK Hapert
P.O. Box 41
5527 AK Hapert

Phone: +31 497 361-111
Fax: +31 497 361-122

Company Profile


Apex International is the leading manufacturer of anilox and metering roll solutions in the world. With 5 production facilities on 4 continents, a strong portfolio of clients in over 80 countries and a high-performance continuous improvement culture, Apex’s value proposition is founded on developing solutions to satisfy the complex print challenges our customers face every day. Apex products are used in the Flexographic printing industry as well as the Offset, Industrial Coating and the Corrugated industries.

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Number of employees 100-499

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Product Information
  01.05.095  Screen coating units
  02.04.020  Calculators
Screen & Volume Calculators

The Industry’s Most Complete and Most Accurate Anilox Screen Calculator Just Got Even Better.
Calculate the required anilox via our website or receive one for free.

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  03.01.090  Folding and pasting units
  04.07  Research and development
  05.07.030  Anti-setoff powder
  05.07.050  Roller washing and maintenance products
  05.08.035  Sleeves for flexographic printing
  05.08.070  Roller coverings
  06.01.310  Roller cleaning systems
  06.01.315  Roller washing machines
  06.01.335  Metering rollers
  06.01.340  Inking rollers
  06.01.355  Coating rollers
  06.01.365  Anilox rollers
GTT Laser engraved anilox rolls


Imagine using just one anilox roll for finer screens – and stronger solids. Imagine less mottling, pinholing, plugging and dot gain. Imagine faster drying time. Bottom line? Print more with less. GTT is the best anilox product available in the market for achieving the needed consistent ink-to-plate transfer in HD Flexo Quality and Fixed Palette printing.
Available sizes:

  • GTT2.0 XS 
  • GTT2.0 S
  • GTT2.0 M
  • GTT2.0 L
  • GTT2.0 XL

For more information take a look at our movie!

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UltraCell cell geometries are wider and up to 30% shallower than C02 and conventional YAG laser-engraved anilox rolls, yet deliver the same ink volume and density. UltraCell is engraveable in all patterns: hexagonal, LongCell, Tri-Helical, Channellox, Positive, among many others. UltraCell’s super-dense low-porosity, non-wetting ceramic and UltraMelt laser-engraving process mean more efficient ink-to-plate transfer, faster clean-up, super corrosion- and score-resistance. UltraCell lasts longer, maintains more accurate volume- and can deliver better print results.

  • Printing Precision
  • Superior Value
  • Ink Lay-Down Efficiency
  • Advanced Durability

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  06.01.370  Sleeves
Apex HD Sleeves

Apex Anilox Sleeve Technology (AST)

True to Apex reputation for uncompromising quality, our new Anilox Sleeve Technology has been engineered to be the world’s very best anilox sleeve.  With its ultra-smooth interior wall and ultra-sturdy construction, AST is the upgrade you have been looking for:

  • Ultra-smooth, super composite interior wall is easier to clean, fully resistant to swelling and is less likely to fray, making loading and unloading from the mandrel much easier while drastically reducing the chances of it getting stuck.
  • Sealed super composite sleeve is easier to clean due to the smooth surface, making removal of even dry ink quick and easy.
  • Internal compressible and damping layer is constructed of industrial strength memory cushioning
  • Superior reinforced composite construction makes AST more reworkable than the competition’s conventional anilox sleeves
  • AST features corrosion proof, mechanically anchored and fastened stainless steel end caps that are an integral part of the sleeve construction without use of adhesive to prevent the end caps from dislodging.
  • AST is completely liquid resistant and will not delaminate as a result of liquid penetrating the sealed construction, which is one of the main reasons an anilox sleeve can fail prematurely.
  • Apex industry leading 0.015mm (0.0005”) max TIR and OD is designed for speeds up to 600 meters (2000 ft) per minute with no bounce.
  • Because Apex controls the manufacturing process, there is no middle man to add cost, inventory is readily available, and our stock program supports 10 of the world’s premier OEMs.

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  06.02.085  Test printing devices (also see Laboratory printing devices)
  06.02.090  Anilox roll measurement devices
  06.02.145  Spare parts, wearing parts and lubricants
  06.18  Research and development
FlexoXperience Centre


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